Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Above and beyond the call

Yes, I know it's been an eon since I've posted. We've been crazy busy and embarking on a new business venture that (a) gets Johnnie away from driving a school bus permanently and (b) takes me away from writing as I've designated an end date with my primary client. Scary business but one that will prove exciting and lucrative if we maintain our focus. Trust me, we'll maintain our focus!

Anyway, we talked to our friends in Canada last night and the wife of the couple related a story I just had to share. Her father-in-law, Clare, just turned 90 and is in the hospital on palliative (hospice) care. He's so weak that he can't even turn himself onto his side to help the nurses care for him.

Our friend was with Clare yesterday afternoon while her husband went to the office for a short while. Clare is in an isolation room because of susceptibility to infection so everyone is gowned and gloved when they're in with him.

He looked at Pam and said "I hope you're not shy but my testicles are getting pinched and pulled. Can you move them for me?"

Slightly taken aback, Pam paused momentarily and then performed the necessary task for Clare.

As a daughter-in-law, I think she went way above and beyond the call of duty here. That's a task I would not have been interested in performing for anyone other than my husband.