Monday, September 29, 2008

Beginnings and Endings

Lately, we've had an unusual amount of beginnings and endings at our house. It feels as though we're in some sort of prolonged upheaval and state of unrest that I'm not quite sure I understand. Case(s) in point:

  • I (foolishly) took a job at The Little James (as John calls it) for 14 hours a week at the beginning of September. Even with the dramatically few hours, it cut into my work time, time with John and time with Erin and the grandkids. So I've already quit. Shortest job I've ever held. The work was OK but never felt comfortable and the owner was a challenge. Biggest bonus was that the grandkids had free classes there while I was working.

  • John had been working at the middle school cafeteria in the school district where he drives a school bus. He decided he wanted his time back more than the extra money (neglible) and the mostly fully paid benefits so he quit that part of the job. Now he'll have the time off between the morning shift (6:30 to 9:15) and the afternoon shift (1:30 to 4:15) to get things done here at the house. Or not. But at least he won't feel as though he hasn't any time to work with.

  • We have been looking at houses and continue to think about adding on to this house instead. Dunno which option is the right one. Johnnie is categorical in not wanting to move and the economy is certainly not conducive to purchasing something new (even though real estate prices are theoretically dropping). Intellectually I understand this. Emotionally I'm not there. And the stock market plummets aren't helping either.

  • Last Saturday we had a huge day: (1) we bought a new-to-us pickup to replace Bubba our beloved 1990 Chevy rustbucket worktruck. Bubba is the greatest truck ever. Unsung and constantly ready to start. Our neighbor across the street actually called Bubba a "piece of sh*t truck." That really hurt. Hope she likes the new one better than Bubba. I'm sure she's having a great laugh over the for sale sign on Bubba at the foot of our driveway. (2) We went to the local farmers market to get some apples and bought a puppy. Had no expectations of getting another dog. John saw a young couple walking through the market carrying an adorable chocolate lab puppy. He heard them tell someone it was a female and it was for sale. Five minjutes later we gave them $20 as a deposit and went to get the pup later that afternoon. Biggest coincidence, the puppy and her litter mates were born on our 15th wedding anniversary.
  • Starting to revive my somnolent marketing communications and writing business. I had had a couple really great clients who consistently kept me busy month after month but both have taken different courses of getting their writing done. I may still get some work from them but only a drop in the bucket compared to what I've been getting. I really don't want to work in an office - the Little James experience taught me that. So the answer now is for me to resurrect what I love to do most -- write. Have sent out some feelers for freelancing. A good friend (also a freelancer) and I are going to get back into networking -- something neither of us particularly enjoy. Partly because most networking events are in the evening and we want to be with our respective spousal units in the evening. Also, for me, getting up before the crack of dawn (5am) each day is tougher when I don't get to bed until later than 10pm.

I think that's the extent of our most recent tumult or there's so much else that I can't think of it. Looking forward to getting more posts up here and joining the blogging universe!


Erin said...

Welcome to the blogging world!

I hope you have as much fun with it as I have!

Will work on a post announcing your foray into the blogging world shortly.

LceeL said...

Welcome to the wonderful world of bloggers and blogging. As a fledgling writer, myself, I know you're going to want some audience for that which you write. Be to comment on the blogs of people who come here to comment. You'll have an audience in no time. Especially as you seem a very good writer.

Karen said...

Sorry to hear that "Y" wasn't much fun to work for. We met him a number of yrs ago & had dinner with him, his wife & some mutual friends. We went back to his home later & he seemed like a big kid to me, so maybe he ended up getting into the right line of work.
I'm usually gone almost 11 hrs per day so I know what you are saying about the job getting in the way of doing other things.