Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Conversations with Lucy

Lucy is not quite two and a half so her language skills are (still) a bit on the sketchy side. She understands much more than she can communicate to us and her world has a few unusual rules that we've yet been able to correct.

I met up with Erin and Lucy at the mall for a quick walk before heading to The Little Gym. As Erin was leaving and waving to us,

Lucy: Where mommy go?
Me: She's going home.
Lucy, 30 seconds later: Where mommy go?
Me: She's going home to work.
Lucy, quite firmly: Mommy no work. Daddy work.

A bit later, Lucy and I were driving this morning on the way to The Little Gym for our weekly class, and the sun was shining brightly (no doubt our last glimpse of it until April).

Lucy: Moon out.
Me: No, Lucy, that's the sun.
Lucy: No! Moon out.
Right now there is no room in Lucy's world for two large orbs in the sky so the sun and moon are both the moon.

As we were getting out of the car, I asked Lucy to stand still and wait for me to lock the car. She planted her little feet and stayed stock still.

Me: Thank you for listening to me so well and standing still, Lucy.
Lucy: You're welcome.
Me: I like it when you listen so nicely.
Lucy: You're welcome.
Me: Do you know I think you're a silly, goofy goober*?
Lucy: You're welcome.

*we have always used goofy goober as a teasing name for the girls and they know we don't really mean they're goofy or goobers.

She's at that age where everything that comes out of her mouth is precious. It's so cool to finally hear what thoughts have been rattling around in that little curly-topped head!

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Employee No. 3699 said...

They truly are entertaining at that age. Who needs HBO?