Wednesday, June 2, 2010

A black fly

in my Chardonnay. Alanis Morissette pegged this one. Ew.

We were relaxing in the shadowy, dimly-lit family room, watching a movie last night after dinner. We had noticed a fly buzzing around the room as we ate dinner and I made a mental note to get our tennis racket fly swatters* afterwards so we could get rid of him.

We poured a glass of Chardonnay and sat back to relax. I got our tennis racket fly swatters from the garage and we settled down. At one point, I saw the fly land on the coaster next to my wine glass but I couldn't get the racket near enough without it flying away. I kept my racket in hand, ever vigilant or so I thought.

A couple more sips of wine. Then, as I swallowed another sip, I happened to glance down into my glass. And there it was: the fly, floating in my wine. I made some kind of strangling noise and thrust the glass at Johnnie. He took it, emptied it and washed it out, bringing me a fresh glass of wine.

But uck, I swallowed wine that the fly was floating in. I don't think the fly touched my lip but I'm not really sure. In any event it's just gross.

What diseases do flies carry anyway? I checked with Dr. Google and it isn't savory at all. I hope that the combination of alcohol and stomach acid eradicates whatever that fly may have been carrying.

*These fly swatters are the greatest and relatively inexpensive. Such a satisfying zing when you zap a bug. If you decide to get them, buy two since the target bug always seems to be near the person without the fly swatter and you're attempting to trade it back and forth to attack the flying thing and probably missing it in the meantime.

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