Friday, July 15, 2011

Today I revolt

I know the science behind ceiling fans: warm air rises.You have the blades scoop up the cool air in the summertime and fan it out across the ceiling, dispelling the warm air that hangs up near the ceiling to create more coolness in the room. In the chilly months, change the blade direction and force the warm air down.

Our bedroom is on the medium size but is also populated by two 98.6 degree bodies and two canines who clock in at about 101 degrees apiece. We keep the bedroom door open year 'round and the a/c is on or the windows are wide open all summer (shades down, thanks). So it can get close and very still in there overnight.

When we're in summertime-blade mode, the air moves but the feeling on your skin is barely discernible. In cold-month-blade mode, the air movement is much more active and there's a wonderful riffle of air that sweeps your skin all night long. Even in the cold months when the windows aren't open, the fan is usually on overnight to circulate the air so it doesn't feel so stifling.

We go through this low level tug-of-war every year. Johnnie gets it in his head at some point in the spring to switch the blades from cold-month to summertime configuration. Maybe the fan works more efficiently (according to science) but the breeze all but stops. Then when I've had enough of no riffling breeze, I change the blade direction.

Today we have arrived officially at this point for summertime 2011. I've slept probably two hours all night -- and those were in another bedroom where the blade direction hasn't been changed.

Welcome back, cool breezes! Anyone else experience this?

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