Thursday, October 16, 2008

Picture Post

While reading other people's blogs, I've noticed that I really enjoy the ones with pictures. No surprise, really as this is the classic age-old marketing communications principle: people like looking at other people. So as I was lying awake at 3 am this morning, I was thinking that this post should be all about pictures of Juniper (aka Juni) our 15-week old chocolate lab puppy and our big weekend in early October with the granddaughters, Emily and Elizabeth and Lucy. (I'm also learning how to work with pictures in my blog - please be patient with me!)

Above left, granddaughter Lucy (15 months) tries coming through the tunnel slide from the bottom up. Right, granddaughter Emily (3 years old and fashionably clad in her Oscar t-shirt) climbs up to another slide.

Poor Juni, such a rough life. She played so hard she had to take a nap on the step for a while.

Juni relaxing on the front steps a couple weeks ago while we worked to put away lawn and deck furniture. She even has milk chocolate lips and eyes. Her cuteness works greatly to her benefit when she's been naughty and, for example, chewed the dryer vent on the outside wall of the house.

Above left: Judy (at our favorite coffee shop) cuddles Juni while she still fits on a lap. She is a chocolate lap-rador (Juni, not Judy)! Right: Daisy and Juni take a well deserved nap in the office while I work.

Above: Sister-in-law May, her granddaughter Elizabeth and our granddaughter Emily snuggle in a tent momentarily at The Sandbox. The girls were wearing matching candy corn shirts from Target.

Happy Halloween everyone!

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Erin said...

Very cute pictures!

Except that the shirt Em is wearing? Is Elmo, not Oscar. :)