Thursday, February 12, 2009

100 Things About Johnnie

I read a meme last week about 100 things that the blogger loved about her husband. I like the idea and have been mulling over things to write ever since.

So this is my list of 100 things that I heart about Johnnie in time for Valentine's Day. These are not listed in any kind of order, just how they came to me.
  1. You have beautiful soulful brown eyes
  2. You are kindness to a fault
  3. You are a wonderful husband, grandpa and dad
  4. You fight for what you believe in
  5. You take wonderful care of me
  6. You are so incredibly easy going most of the time
  7. You wake up cheerful
  8. I know your swearing is getting serious when you say "Jeepers"
  9. You don't get angry when you're working on projects
  10. If you do get frustrated with something, you don't take it out on me
  11. Your patience is amazing to me
  12. You know so much about so many things - construction, plumbing, computers, electronics and cars to name just a few
  13. You are (mostly) willing to join in on any crazy thing I volunteer for - even Vagina Monologues
  14. We had a great midlife crisis together!
  15. I love how you tease me even when I don't
  16. You love playing with words as much (probably more) than I do
  17. You are self effacing to a fault
  18. You are loyal
  19. You never say anything mean or unloving about me to anyone else
  20. You listen
  21. You have an infectious laugh
  22. You are up for mostly anything I want to do
  23. You're a good sport
  24. You love me all the time, even when I'm not at all lovable
  25. You are the best snuggler ever
  26. I can always depend on you
  27. You rarely forget things that are important to me
  28. You are neat in both the tidy and the cool sense
  29. You played the accordion briefly as a child and tolerate our frequent ribbing about it
  30. You are open minded
  31. You say your prayers every day
  32. You make life interesting and fun
  33. You are fun to tease
  34. You can laugh about your lack of hair
  35. You still open the car door for me
  36. I feel cherished by you
  37. You are comfortable with yourself
  38. You wear your wedding ring all the time
  39. You love our kids and grandkids totally
  40. You are sensitive to others feelings
  41. You cry at movies sometimes more easily than I do
  42. Sometimes you wear your feelings on your sleeve and that's OK
  43. You clean up the kitchen when I cook
  44. You hold me in your heart but you don't try to control me
  45. You are flexible in figuring out our plans and OOB (order of business)
  46. You provided 10,000% moral and household support when I was in school
  47. You love to hold hands
  48. We can talk about anything together
  49. You stand up for our rights and pursue getting what is rightfully ours
  50. You are conscious of being on time
  51. You indulge my silliness and habits with good humor
  52. You trust me implicitly
  53. You like to be with me all the time
  54. We never (almost never) seem to get tired of each other
  55. You love to read
  56. We manage to have fun even in un-fun situations
  57. You have my back
  58. We have an uncanny habit of saying the same things at the same time
  59. You are my very best friend
  60. You're a technogeek and I admire that even though it sometimes drives me crazy
  61. You believe in diversity and equality with your whole being
  62. You have sterling ethics and integrity
  63. You go out of your way to help strangers
  64. You are honest even when it might be detrimental to you or to us
  65. You are religious, faith full and spiritual
  66. You speak your mind
  67. I have never heard you say the f word, except maybe in a joke
  68. You faithfully back up what you say with action
  69. You are conservative and deliberate with money
  70. You spell things correctly
  71. You love good surprises as much as I do
  72. You don't get upset when accidents (like spilling red wine) happen
  73. You don't play the blame game
  74. You believe in supporting the causes we believe in
  75. You have a healthy respect for authority but not to obsequiousness
  76. You have never snuck in anywhere (John hates the word snuck)
  77. I love your intelligence and curiosity
  78. You are an early adopter and keep us on the leading edge of technology
  79. I love it when you read to me while I'm driving
  80. You are unselfish
  81. You have the best tool museum in the entire state
  82. You hate guns
  83. I'm guaranteed to get virtually anything with a motor, engine or batteries if I ask for it
  84. You're a kid at heart
  85. You look wonderful in black
  86. You look great to me in ... nothing
  87. Your personal modesty sometimes makes me giggle
  88. You enjoy scatological humor
  89. You will wear Christmas sox, funny hats or your Johnahontas wig
  90. You are generous with your time, your skills and your kindness
  91. You are friendly and can talk with virtually anyone
  92. You know when to use who and whom appropriately in a sentence
  93. You like to take naps and sleep in late when we can
  94. I like how you smell fresh out of the shower
  95. You take constructive suggestions and criticism without getting defensive
  96. You love your brothers
  97. You respected your mother
  98. You know your limits even though we may exceed them
  99. You don't speed and you follow all traffic rules much better than I do
  100. I could continue well beyond 100
I am grateful for your love every day and return it tenfold every day. Happy Valentine's Day!


Erin said...

I remember the one and only time I heard Dad say Sh*t. When he was working on that stupid Hyundai I had.

I nearly fell over, I was so surprised.

Liz said...

What a sweet post! I'm sure your hubby loved it!