Sunday, February 22, 2009

Odds and Ends

Tagged x1

Liz tagged me for a picture post. You go to the folder where you keep pictures, go to the sixth folder, the sixth picture, post it and explain what it is. I have a strange, bifurcated pc: it's a MAC but also has my old PC operating system and all its files embedded in it. So where I keep pictures is somewhat of a mess. So I went into the PC side of things and into the pictures area. I had to bend the rules slightly because the sixth folder was of Bubba, our old truck and the pictures of it when we were working to sell it. Way boring. So I went to the seventh folder (forgive me Liz), pictures of our trip to Cancun in 2005. Much more fun.

The six
th picture in that folder was this one:

Johnnie and I had gone to
Xcaret, an eco park showcasing Mayan culture, ecology and Mexican wildlife. We had floated down a mile-long river wearing life jackets and later drank Margaritas from glasses as large as our heads. Delicious.

Johnnie took this picture of me as we waited for a boat that was going to take us snuba diving. Snuba is a cross between scuba diving (you wear a weight belt and a mouthpiece but the air source is on the boat, not on your back) and snorkeling. The idea is to get far below the surface, as much as 50 feet, so you can see the fish and marine life up close without t
aking scuba instructions. Johnnie is a great swimmer but I'm barely adequate. I can swim but I've never lost a fear of the water and I'm generally uncomfortable in deep water. I've snorkeled before and that has been wonderful. That's why I thought I would try snuba. I must have been having a ballsy day.

At Xcaret, the waves in the bay that day were fairly choppy. I went into the water all set to snuba and had a panic attack when the first wave bounced me away from the boat. I had to be pulled into the boat by the staff and just sat there waiting for Johnnie and the other two couples to come back. Eventually Johnnie ended up with a severe ear infection from his experience snubaing and had to see a doctor for medication to get home.

Tagged x2

OK, so I just read Courtney's post and realized that I was tagged for this same picture post. Gotta dig deeper this time. The folder after the Cancun pictures is filled with pictures of our niece's daughter Elizabeth. Again, not inspiring. So I went to folder #8. Emily's baby stuff. This is the sixth picture in that folder:

We (actually Johnnie) bought a fetal monitor when Erin was pregnant with Emily and Johnnie was listening hard to hear the baby's heartbeat. It wasn't a great monitor and Erin wasn't very far along in her pregnancy so he wasn't successful in hearing the heartbeat as I remember. (Johnnie hasn't had any children of his own so the whole birth thing was very new to him when Erin was pregnant.)

I don't know enough blogging people who haven't already been tagged for this so I will regretfully not tag anyone else. But if you want to do this, please feel free and send me a link so I can include it here.

In praise of ...

SuperGlue. Seriously. It is the very best stuff in the universe for more purposes than are ever listed on the tubes. I've been using it for a couple years when I cut myself cooking or when the birds (now on to other homes) would bite me. Nice and tidy. Johnnie's hands are dry and crack open in the winter months (which go on FOREVER here). He usually lathers them up with lotion while we're watching TV in the evening and then relathers at bedtime and wears gloves to keep the lotion where it belongs overnight.

He has resisted trying SuperGlue for years. Finally, a few months ago, I asked him to just humor me once and give SuperGlue a try on his cracked fingers. It worked. It didn't heal the cracks but it sealed them up so that they could heal and he doesn't have painful open cracks that seem to attract jalapeno juice, beard hairs, vinegar, lemon juice and everything else that stings. So he has been converted. We find that the gel SuperGlue works better than the liquid because it stays in place better but it takes longer to dry. But it works. That makes me happy.

Conversation with Emily

Emily (3 1/2 years old), pointing to the blunt end of an unsharpened pencil: "Can you put a needle on this pencil?"
Me: "A needle?"
Emily: "Yes, a needle."
Me: "I think you mean a point. You want me to put a point on the pencil."
Emily: "Well, you can call it a point, I call it a needle."


I have also joined the Jillian Michael's 30 Day Shred program, following Courtney's example. I don't care if it takes me 60 days but I wanna feel better and drop some of this weight. Liz (from above) talked about screaming "F@#$%#!" I haven't done that (yet) but it is a tough but quick workout. You can handle most anything for 20 minutes. Regardless of how many 400 pound people that Jillian has doing jumping jacks, my knees and ankle aren't having it. So I tend to do more punching or just do the upperbody part of the jumping jacks. Tough noogies, Jillian!


Courtney said...

Your comment on Jillian's shred kills me! Tough noogies is right! I can't do the upper body part of the jumping jacks. I need to use my arms to hold down my chest. The flopping of boobs is painful on the shoulders and back (even though I'm wearing 2 and sometimes 3 sports bras). I also suck at push-ups. But I try my hardest, and she'll never know!!

I've been hanging out with Jilliam for three weeks now, and I still mutter the "f" word during the workout. I'm still on Level 1, too, but I can only handle doing Jillian every other day. So I walk with Leslie Sansone or do aerobics with Denise Austin.

Liz said...

He he he on the Jillian Michaels. I also still mutter the "f" word as I amd doing the workout. But like you said, you can do anything for 20 minutes. I also do it every other day and alternate it with 2 miles on the treadmill.

And I LOVE the conversation with Emily!!

Erin said...

Emily's conversation kills me. That's my girl!

I ... think I had something else to say here, but I've forgotten what it was. It must've been really important.

LceeL said...

Emily sounds cool - her way or no way.