Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Random Thought Tuesday

I haven't ever participated in blog-wide organized efforts for Random Thought Tuesday, Wordless Wednesday or Haiku Friday mainly because I seem to be random on Friday and think up Haiku on Mondays. That I'm a bit off-schedule these days shouldn't surprise anyone. But today I have a bunch of random thoughts, so here it goes!

Our daughter Erin, her good friend Courtney and another MOMS club member went to a regional luncheon in White Plains, New York over the weekend. They left on Friday and came home late Sunday evening. Courtney's husband Jon worked from home/took Friday off to take care of their three children and I had Emily and Lucy until Mike could come home on Friday afternoon. I figure that the other woman had similar arrangements for her two children. After Friday, it was totally Daddy Day Care for the remainder of the weekend.

I was remarking to Johnnie how cool I thought it was that Erin and Courtney got away for the weekend. Putting myself in their shoes, it never occurred to me to get away for an all girls weekend when Erin was little. It just wasn't done back in the late 70s or at least not done by the women I knew. I applaud Mike and Jon (and the other husband whose name I don't know) for taking care of the kids and giving their wives a break. What a healthy relationship and a great way to keep balance in their marriages. Yeay everybody!

Dear People Walking In Our Neighborhood,
If you're going to walk early in the morning or after dark in the evening (heck, really anytime), make sure you're observing at least the minimum safety rules: walk toward traffic, ride bikes with traffic.

If you're out when it's dark, wear something reflective (even sneakers have reflective strips on them) and light color clothing. I'm tired of dodging you people walking on the wrong side of the road (although I'll keep ever vigilant since few seem to get this concept and I'm not interested in a manslaughter rap) wearing all dark clothing. Just because you can see our car (lights, get it??) we don't always see you! Yes, you'll feel like a dork when you're getting dressed with blinky buttons and a dayglo yellow or green vest but they help those of us who are driving in a state of sleepy stupor early in the morning.

Hoping not to meet you by accident,


A year ago in the fall (it was quite dark out) I actually stopped at 6:18 am and lectured a man in our neighborhood who was on the wrong side of the street in navy sweat pants, black jacket, dark gloves and hat. I was within 100 feet of him when I finally caught his reflection in my lights. He put the fear of God in me and with the adrenaline rushing through my veins I slammed on the brakes and backed up to give him what for. He apologized but I didn't get the feeling that he really understood how close to meeting St. Peter he had come. Scared me plenty.

The state of disorganization around our house continues unabated. Glorious Annie is here painting and I'm looking forward to moving furniture back into place, at least in the family room and living room, by the end of the week. And I can't wait until we have our bedroom back but it will probably be a couple weeks or possibly more. When one of us isn't sleeping (yes Johnnie, I'm looking at you), then none of us sleep, including the dogs. If we are back in our bedroom then there's an extra bed available somewhere for the sleeper or non-sleeper to escape.

With the incredibly warm weather in the past few days (we've been in the 80s and it's only April!), my pink tree is blooming. I'll take a picture and perhaps it'll be up in time for Wordless Wednesday!


LceeL said...

I hope your neighbor got the message or the next 'come to Jesus' might actually involve meeting Jesus. But nice of you to warn him.

I am Harriet said...

We get those people here too that think we'll see them on their bikes at night. They're almost asking for it.

Employee No. 3699 said...

Hello people, safety doesn't take a vacation!

GreenJello said...

I make sure to wear my reflective tennie runners, at the minimum! And I always walk against traffic. But I do ride my bike WITH traffic, as you're supposed to by law.

Keely said...

omg I used to think my Mom was a dork with all her reflective gear. But I'm pretty glad she's still around, so I guess it paid off.

And LOL at your addendum! I cringe inside when I use buzz words too. My boss does it shamelessly. Apparently nobody else notices that he's full of shit.

Julie@Momspective said...

Yes, join the memes of the bloosphere! They pull you in and take you to so many different great blogs and you make tons of friends! Tuesday and Wednesday are my favorite days of the week!