Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Moments in time

Conversation with Emily

Scenario: I've been with the little girls a lot this week because of doctor appointments and lots of scheduling challenges for Erin and Manuel, their exchange student. I had taken the kids to Big Lots and while there, bought them pretend cameras -- Emily's is a princess (what else) camera and Lucy's is a Mickey Mouse. Emily's camera clicks and then says positive phrases such as "you're as pretty as a picture!" Lucy's camera just clicks but she doesn't care or even much notice.

Once we came back to our house, both girls were wandering around and Lucy somehow picked up Emily's camera. Emily came into the office to tell me that Lucy had her camera. Lucy was in with Grandpa in the new slowly evolving bathroom.

Emily: Wucy has my camewa, gwamma.
Me: Oh? That's OK, she'll give it back.
Emily: I know but it takes away my poweh when I don't have contwol. I want my camewa back!

Seriously. I was thinking How the heck old are you? And where did that line come from? Holy cow!

Lucy's bouncing balls

Lucy's language skills are coming along but many words are still only intelligible if you have been around her for a while. She loves balls and sees them everywhere: in globes, balls, on cards and so on. She calls all balls "bouncy balls" which sounds mostly like "bocce balls" to me.

We were at Home Depot with Grandpa this morning and I was pushing the cart while Johnnie was selecting a can of stain for a piece of wood. Lucy and I were goofing around -- she was pushing my away from the cart handle with both hands and I'd swoop in to sneak a kiss on her forehead or nose. More than once her hands pushed on my breasts as I got closer to claim my kiss.

Pretty soon, she's leaning out toward me yelling "Bouncy balls! Bouncy balls!" and grabbing for my breasts as though I was a radio and she was tuning in Hong Kong. Repeatedly.

Johnnie figured out what she was doing and started laughing. Later this afternoon he (predictably) reached for me, saying "bouncy balls!" Great.

Thanks, Luce.


Employee No. 3699 said...

Bwahaha, that is funny! I just coughed out a mouthful of Diet Pepsi on my monitor.

Erin said...

She did the same thing to me last night at the football game. And then tried it on Mike, who was encouraging her to play with Mommy's bouncy balls. I kept telling him I'd teach her where his were and I'm NOT talking about the ones on his chest! :)