Friday, September 11, 2009

Erin's fourth anniversary of her 29th

Last Friday (9/11) was Erin's birthday (bad mommy for not getting a post up about it then). Since 2001, this date has had a giant cloud over it for everyone in the United States but for the past 33 years it has always been a wonderful day for me, even in 2001.

When Erin was born, her dad and I didn't immediately have a girl's name picked out because we had both been pretty certain that she was going to be a boy. We debated for a couple days over names but Erin Elizabeth was always the front runner. I was overjoyed then and always that she was a girl. And a wonderful g
irl (and now a wonderful woman, mother and wife) at that!

I showed these two pictures to Erin's four-year old daughter this week and asked her who she thought this person was. She thought the picture on the left, Erin at 2 1/2, was of her (Emily) and the one on the right, Erin at 1 1/2, was of Lucy. Nossir, the apple didn't fall too far from the tree here either!

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