Saturday, May 15, 2010

Conversation with Lucy

Lucy and I were in the grocery store bathroom, I was ushering her into a stall.

Me: Here you go, sweetie
Lucy: I'm not sweetie
Me: Yes you are
Lucy: Ban-ha (grandpa) is sweetie
Me: Yes, but I call you sweetie too. And Mommy and Emily and
Lucy: Domino (their dork of a dog)
Me, grudgingly: Yes, I do.
Lucy: You call Ban-ha honey
Me: Yes, I do. What else do I call Grandpa (whose name is Johnnie)
Lucy: Um.....
Me, prompting: Lovey
Lucy: Yup, and ...
Me, prompting again: Sweetheart
Lucy: Yes, and Uncle Bob

Lucy has an Uncle Bob, Mike's brother. For the record, I do not call my husband Uncle Bob.

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