Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Bring on the comfort I'm having a crazy week and every night there's something so the days are filled with work stuff, home stuff, exercise stuff and then the evenings are filled one way or another too. So I'm more tired than usual. When I'm tired, that's my trigger for unbridled eating and impulsive snacking. I've been trying hard this week not to indulge but it's tough. I don't have (or didn't) the right foods in the house so that I reached for better snacks. And the open candy dishes offering Hershey's miniatures and special dark kisses were very inviting.

Anyway, yesterday after walking 4.5 miles at the mall with Bridget, I went to the grocery stores. I bought: non fat cheese, rice cheese, a chunk of turkey ham, thin sliced ham, my favorite sourdough multigrain bread, eggs, egg beaters, more ham (better nutrition facts, second store), whole wheat Boboli crust and naan for homemade pizza, pasta sauce and salsa. Pretty much everything geared toward comfort food eating.

I had made vegetarian chili the other night and, to put something meat-like in it, found some old (use by date of 2008) Boca Burgers in the freezer and chunked them into the chili. It tastes good and Johnnie has admitted salivating and thinking about it all day at work, looking forward to having the chili for dinner. For some reason, it's making me gag. I make veggie chili all the time and it's fine. It's something about the Boca Burgers -- maybe it's knowing they're two years beyond their usefulness -- but I can't eat it. When I make chili, I make a complete Dutch oven's worth of it so there were still several servings left last night, which was day three of chili. Ugh.

I figured we'd have pizza last night since I had a ham sandwich at lunchtime to get past my obsession with ham yesterday. Johnnie was very disappointed when I fired up the oven for pizza (usually his #1 favorite food) and really wanted chili. Me? Yeah, not.doing.chili. So we compromised: he had chili and leftover cornbread while I had a ham and cheese sandwich. I tossed on a couple pieces of Romaine lettuce to alleviate my nutritional pangs and get something greenish into my body.

Quite possibly that's our dinner again tonight. Tomorrow night? Pasta - YUM!!!

I'm all about comfort foods when the weather is this lousy. Typically in December, our area collections about four inches of fluffy white stuff on the ground. This year to date (and it's only the 8th), we have more than 24 inches of the crap on the ground. It's coming down every day. Unrelenting. Usually we have periods of this every day a few inches thing in January. So Mother Nature is starting early.

Bring on the comfort foods. I'm gonna need them, apparently for months.

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