Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Weigh in on the Ws, please!

There's been a bit of a dust up (I never get to use those words in my writing!) lately in the Rochester area over the letter W. No, you haven't stumbled into Sesame Street and the letter of the day.

The issue is that Walgreens has decided to sue Wegmans Food Markets for copying the W from their logo and using it. Walgreens contends that the W is too close to the style used in the Walgreens' logo, it's confusing and that customers may mistake Wegmans for Walgreens.

Seriously? To paraphrase those infamous words from the 1988 vice presidential debate between Senator Lloyd Bentsen and Senator Dan Quayle, "Walgreens, you are no Wegmans!"

Look at these logos, particularly at the Ws and see what you think.
The interesting thing is that Wegmans' logo is a version of the logo used in the 1930s and it has been in use in its current form since 2008. So where has Walgreens been to protest about this for the past two years?

In searching about this online, I found an article at that compares the logos above (they deserve photo credit for both images) and then point out the similarities of the two images below: the Walgreens logo and that of the Washington Nationals. Perhaps they should readjust their sights and go after the Nationals rather than Wegmans.

My husband, for one, is incensed at the frivolity of this lawsuit.

What do you think: does Walgreens have a W to stand on here? Please weigh in!

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Employee No. 3699 said...

I don't think the W's look alike and I think the lawsuit is ridiculous.