Wednesday, January 19, 2011

I'm goin' in

Johnnie has taught me to be a bit compulsive about saving paperwork for just about everything. That's just peachy but after a while, we run out of room. Our office has a four drawer and a five drawer filing cabinet devoted to paperwork. There's also a two-drawer cabinet but it's loaded with computer cables and Lord only knows what else of an electronic nature so it doesn't count.

Last year I weeded out the five drawer cabinet and organized all the manuals for everything we've ever bought (lawn mowers, televisions, can openers, you name it) and all the receipts for those things as well. Big job. Never wanna do it again. However, the satisfaction factor was huge when it was done.

Now it's time to tackle the four drawer cabinet that houses all the monthly receipts for payments and everything else. I haven't filed in that cabinet since July, 2010 because there's no more room. Take a look.

See what I mean? I'm not sure that the pictures really convey the stuffedness of the drawers. As I'm writing, I'm beginning the purge which is the first step to finishing the 2010 filing. I'm finding receipts from 1997 in there. Anything before 2003 is getting destroyed; everything between 2003 and 2009 is going downstairs for storage until I get down there to purge those shelves.

Anyway, I'm goin' in and if I'm not out in three days, send for help. Seriously, I do love tossing stuff away an' I'm just the girl to do it!


Erin said...

1) they're not completely full. there's a good 3 inches of empty space in that 3rd one.

2) you didn't show us the 4th drawer.


ps: the word verification for this comment? metruck. methinks that's pretty funny.

Employee No. 3699 said...

I just did that about six months ago when I found out we were moving to India. I think my name is on the Most Wanted list for killing two shredders.

Good luck!