Thursday, March 31, 2011

This just in ...

Thank goodness March is leaving us today. It came in like a lion and is exiting that way too. A mixture of *now (rhymes with blow), rain and sleet this morning. Nice. So I went to the indoor running/walking track to get in my road work, that's what I have been call my 5K training.

Anyway, we're decorating for spring and Easter around here.

We have blowup lawn decorations for Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas. So we decided why should spring and Easter go unloved? The bunny is yet unnamed as we're figuring our two granddaughters will have a say in that.

I do love me some frogs. We have several that live in the myrtle patch you see underneath the bunny in the picture above. While I'm not really into collecting them, we've seen some really adorable ones and have impetuously snapped them up. Johnnie surprised me this past week with this one. His head area is big enough to use as a seat or maybe you're supposed to put a plant on it. Either way, he's pretty cute too. 

I keep telling myself this is just a sticker, just a sticker. And I'm much too old grown up to get excited about being awarded a sticker. Right? Apparently not. I received this sticker last night when I went to my 5K group running practice for attending some number of group runs (I missed three while we were on vacation). I'm so darned proud of doing this and my body hasn't yet forbade me from continuing. Sure, it complains now and then but it hasn't put a stop to my crazy desire to be able to run. 
And the incentive to receive awards as we go along makes it all that much sweeter.  Even a sticker. So I went right out and put it on the car last night. The drops of water are what's left of the morning precipitation mixture. We get a technical jacket from New Balance if we make 17 practices (out of 24). Who says adults aren't swayed by a little reward?

This weekend I'm trying a 2.5 mile fun run to see how I'm progressing before our May 1st graduation run with the 300 people in it from our training sessions. I know I'm not fast but by golly, I'm doing it. My main goal this week is to make it over the finish line. Heck, that may be my always goal!

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