Monday, April 18, 2011

An open letter to Chicago Public Schools

Just read the announcement that Jean-Claude Brizard has been selected as the next head of the Chicago Public Schools. Brizard has been the head of the Rochester (NY) City School District since 2008. While we don't live in the city of Rochester and have no children attending school in any school district, we're sorry, Chicago. Brizard looks good on paper and even (sorta) talks a good game but I don't think he'll be of much help to you.

I don't know what he told your board of education but his performance and fiscal responsibility here hasn't been good. The graduation rate for city high schoolers is still below 30 percent. He still makes more than $200k a year while the school district is bankrupt. He's ruffled lots of feathers -- to the point that the teachers' union voted No Confidence in him just a couple months ago. Sorry, guys.

However, I don't think there will be a lot of tears shed at his departure from Rochester. Personally, there's just something that's not quite right about his position on things and how he has performed his position. It just doesn't ring true. Hopefully he'll do a better job for you Chicagoans than he has done here in Rochester. We can only hope.

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