Monday, April 25, 2011

Things people write

One of the clients that I do a fair amount of work for is a firm that employs Indian writers (not as in Native Americans, the other Indians) to create Website copy. Then they send the copy to me so I can make it intelligible to American readers. This makes some type of economic sense to them and I don't fight it. In fact, sometimes it is downright funny to see what they write as English sentences. I keep a list of the amusing sentences, with the clients well camouflaged.

Here are a few gems and yes, these were serious attempts that somehow made it over to me to fix:

  • Keeping backyard chickens is easy with our kits that include handle and wheels for easy maneuverability
  • easy to read and comprehend, concise in concepts and clear in apprehension
  • simply outstand in the crowd
  • immaculacy of work
  • water related activities like Water Boarding, Waterskiing, Fishing, Inner Tubing (this one is my absolute, all time favorite)
  • Inflammable Life Jackets (vs inflatable)
  • If you have a good command over the language English
  • It is common for shoppers to be enticed toward the fast-track choice to conclude the deal, means buying from first supplier stumbled across or the cheaper supplier found. You should keep in mind that inexpensive is not cheerful always and expensive does not mean plush always.
  • You drive the vehicle of creativity and give physical appearance to your thoughts and imaginations.
Who says I don't have fun with my job??

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Erin said...

Oh, yes, Water Boarding is one of my most favorite activities... *snicker*