Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Catching up

Well, this is a surprise, huh? I haven't posted in forever but have a bunch of things I wanted to record here -- for posterity if for no other reason or readership.

1. The very thought of Newt Gingrich as a possible candidate for president makes my jaw clench and my sphincter tighten uncontrollably. Seriously, people? Never in a million, no a hundred million years. Ugh.

2. Why is it that all the toilet paper rolls in the house get to the end of the roll and need to be changed on the same day? We have three bathrooms and it has happened frequently that each bathroom's TP needs replacement on the same day. How does that happen?

3. John and I are on a weight loss plan that is paying off nicely in pounds. John has lost 26 pounds in four weeks and I've lost 14. Whoo hooo! My long held hopes of finally getting my weight down (and then the breast reduction) are going to come true this year. Yippee!

4. We're also in the process of buying and renting mobile homes with the intent to get some cash flow coming in. We've also started with a modest stock trade so we're rocking along. It's amazing the difference between learning in a classroom setting and the education you get when you take that learning to the street and start working deals. It's exciting and we're on our way.

So that's why there have been no posts up here in these here parts in the past month or two. I'll try to do better. Honest.

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