Wednesday, February 15, 2012

A nice mistake

Our daughter Erin sent a mail note the other day about a casting call for grandparents between 60 and 75 with grandchildren between 5 and 9 years old. We qualify (both John and I) both ways -- Emily is 6. She would correct me and say 6 and a half. So cool.

Anyway, we've never done anything like that before so we picked Emily up from school today and zipped downtown to the studio for the pictures (we didn't know if it was stills or TV at the time). We all filled out our sheets and headed inside. The youngish girls (probably 20s to mid 30s) took Emily first for her pictures (it's for stills). One said to John and me "we'll be glad to take your pictures but we're looking for grandparents between 60 and 75..."

I beamed at her and said "Why thank you! I'm 61 and he's 60." She said "Really? Well OK."

On thinking about it afterwards, we (John and I) probably won't be selected because we look too young. How often does THAT happen at our ages?!

Anyway, it was fun and Emily enjoyed it. While it wasn't really a bucket item on a written list, thought it was kind of a kick to give it a try.

Nice to know somebody doesn't think we look our ages!

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