Monday, October 6, 2014

The start of something

Well, really a restart I guess. I have a strong urge to write stuff, mostly for my own edification but putting it on paper just isn't going to do it. So here I am resurrecting the ole blog to create a journal of my writing. I don't care if anyone else ever reads what I write here; it's mostly a record for me.

I really and truly dislike wintertime once we get past the first "oh it's so pretty" snowfall and Christmas has come and gone. The bitter winds, getting snow down my neck, tromping through slush in parking lots, keeping track of gloves and hats and scarves, wearing coats -- they are all a pain in the butt and I don't like it. Here in Western New York, we put up with a LOT of winter, starting in October and continuing until well into April some years.


Anyway, I am on a campaign to improve my attitude and find ways to cope with winter and all its fun this year. In past years, I have vowed not to say the words "winter" and "snow" for the entire season. Successfully. These are private vows - a challenge between myself and me so I don't share them with anyone. It's just a one woman tussle with the inevitable season change.

If someone stumbles onto this blog and finds it amusing, gross, vacuous or whatever, it's their thing, not mind. I need to work on my attitude in a tangible way and this is what I'm going to do.

So with any luck, this will be the last post that contains negative or grouchy talk about the upcoming season of yuck. From now on, my outlook will contain only happy, positive, constructive perspectives and comments about the days and months of winter. Here it goes!

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