Friday, October 17, 2014

Leaves and doors

One type of deciduous tree that changes color in the fall - maybe maple? - has leaves of a brilliant yellow. When we lived in Minnesota, we had one of those trees outside the front bedroom and when it was in full yellow bloom, it really looked as though a light was on in that room. There are a couple of those trees around this house and, while they're not as close to the house, it always reminds me of checking that room several times during the yellow leaf season to turn off the light. I've always been a light patroller - hate having lights left on uselessly when there's no one in the room. Have been teased for that for years.

Most days I go to Bruegger's to get my cup of coffee. It's so interesting to follow people in or out of the double doors at the coffee shop and how they behave in holding the door for someone else or not. Followed an older man the other day and he had clearly looked in my direction across the parking lot as we were both walking towards the coffee shop. He flung the door open for himself and just walked through, not looking around or holding it for me. I don't expect it but it is always interesting to see whether people are so self-involved that they don't look to see if someone might be in close proximity going in or out and then how they handle the situation if there is someone there.

I've seen heavily tattooed and be-ringed teens/young adults hold the door for several people and I've seen normal looking adults of every age just clump on through without any thought of anyone else in the world. You see all kinds and while I don't know exactly what it says about their personalities, it does say something. It would be interesting to follow one of those people for a few hours while they're driving, working, interacting with people to see how they treat others, whether strangers, friends or family. I suspect there would be some correlation with rude or preemptive driving behavior and possibly lack of respect for themselves, loved ones and strangers.

And then there are people for whom you open the door, who prance/stalk/simper/clomp on through without acknowledging at all that you have held the door for them. As though it's a given that you are the designated door opener of the world and they are entitled to proceed without a word. Instantly makes me angry and a "you're welcome" is liable to come out of my mouth before I can stifle it. Certainly makes me (and Johnnie too) shake my head. Well, Johnnie shakes his own head.

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