Tuesday, October 14, 2014

So this is October??

It's October 14th and we're expecting an 80 degree day. Wow. That is unheard of in these here parts. Typically the first frost/snow comes in just a couple days. Certainly not complaining that the windows are open, the sky is blue and the trees are rustling with a moderate breeze. But there'll be rain tonight and the temps will slip lower although it's supposed to stay relatively seasonal (mid-50s/60s) for the next few days. Just fine with me.

We took the deck furniture down yesterday and got essential winter vehicles - the snowblower - in position and put away the pressure washer. I pressure washed the canopy to the screen house and got drenched as usual in the process. No surprise there. But it was in the mid-70s so it didn't really matter. When I say "we" took the furniture down, it was 99% Johnnie and a little bit me. Love that royal we.

Started working on cutting the Elsa costume last evening and misread the cutting directions for the cape so I bought two more yards of materials today to finish the cutting process. Anxious to get started on the sewing parts. While the time is fast slipping towards Halloween, I don't feel pressured, just looking forward to sewing the costume.

Can't wait to see the girls' faces when they get their costumes. Went with Erin yesterday to get the material for the Anna costume. Sure glad she's making that one - way more fussy than the one I'm doing although I'm sure I'll be regretting it when I have to work on some of the organza that slips around like crazy. Still fun.

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