Thursday, October 9, 2014

Just a day

It's a short work week in some ways for Johnnie - upcoming Columbus Day four-day weekend. But he's doing a home inspection tomorrow so that will preoccupy him for the majority of the weekend. He's really been in a rush of school bus driving/training and home inspections for the last 10 days or so. And he's completely exhausted. He had had one inspection scheduled for this coming Saturday as well but it fell through and we're both just as glad. He also hasn't completely shaken the cold he had more than a week ago and I'm sure the lack of solid rest isn't helping him recover.

Whiile it's a short work week for him, it isn't for me although I've not been all that busy which is really driving me cray cray. I billed a total of $167 for September. Although the B3 phase 3 payment will come through too which isn't figured in there. Now I'm starting to work on the Frozen (Elsa? I looked them up to be sure) Halloween costume for Lucy/Emily and I volunteered to make a sign for Erin's craft sales and print business cards up for her.

I cut out the pattern pieces last evening and got them ironed so I'm ready to lay them out and start cutting. I am so glad I'm working on the Elsa costume and not the Anna one. The Elsa pattern has 11 pieces and the Anna costume has upwards of 20. But it's the type of sewing work that Erin likes so hopefully it will be fun for her.

For one thing, we haven't put anything away outside yet and now it's getting to be time to pack up and switch seasons before it gets really chilly outside. Or rainy. Or both.

Otherwise, today is just another day - sunny outside, mid-50s temperature wise and a bit breezy. But the sky is robin's egg blue and really just delightful outside.

I've gone to Henrietta on 490/590/390 twice this week in the morning and both times there were a gaggle (?) of wild turkeys along the side of the highway pecking away at the verge finding food. They are not at all concerned about the cars racing by 20 feet away at 60+ miles an hour. Makes me smile every time. Must be their home turf and have decent eats for them.

Bridgie is in Alabama/Georgia visiting Aggie before she goes to Korea. So glad she was able to go. Hope they're having a super great time. I don't know what I'd do if I had such distance restrictions on seeing both girls like that. It's tough enough only seeing Mike and Holly once a year.

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