Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Isolation? Incarceration? Quarantine?

OK, so it's been a couple weeks. In that time, I finished the Halloween costume from Hell, Princess Elsa from Frozen -- it's a really good thing that the little girls are not critical, just thrilled and excited.

And now I'm in St. Mary's Hospital in Rochester (never knew it was even here) to do a vaccine study for the H7N9 bird flu vaccine. As in 9-12 days of isolation in my own room, no visitors, frequent blood draws, a computer, a Keurig and coffee, music, TV and a decently comfy single bed. Most women I've explained this project to are jealous and envious (at least in word) about having the time alone. Men don't understand it but surprisingly there are more men here for the study than women from my cursory glances at name tags outside the rooms. John is wise enough and loves me enough to let me do this without (much) protest.

The room is bright, spacious and reasonably nice. The shower is fine, I was well advised about what things to bring to make this as easy as possible. Of course, I've not even been here for 24 hours yet so we'll see how I'm feeling by this time next week. Or even just by Friday. Forgot: batteries, could use an extension cord but so far that's it.

Just opened the curtains and realized the window was entertaining a baker's dozen logey flies. All but one two are now deceased. I'll get the little suckers yet. Did 5 minutes of exercise too. Feeling quite virtuous.

Did a bit of work and there's more to do. Need to make myself a to do list so I can get focused on stuff that needs to be done.

But right now I'm thinking that reading and/or snoozing sounds pretty good so I'm going to give that a try. 

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