Friday, November 7, 2014

Sliding into routine

So now it's Day 2 of the vaccine study and the days have a predictable routine. Vitals and nasal swab about 8am, breakfast (I made some really stupid menu choices), ice delivery around 10am, lunch at about 12 or 12:30, dinner around 5:30 or 6, vitals at 7, snacks about 8 and that's it. No symptoms of problems with me - I've had a headache on Day 0 and Day 1 but my theory is that it's more due to barometric pressure changes than because of the vaccine.

It's only been four full days but I'm not having much difficulty with the isolation. My biggest bummer is not having a steady supply of ice for my iced tea. Not much of a sacrifice. But we'll figure something better out for the December stay.

It's been raining outside since yesterday off and on, and Erin says it's snowing at their house. Still a little too warm here for snow - about 35.6 degrees downtown. But the meteorologists have been peppering their reports over the past week with progressively more references to snow to get us prepared. At the first mentions of snow, John and I freeze in our chairs and look at each other, wild eyed. After the 20th mention, we don't even blink.

So now it's actually starting to come down and the reality of the upcoming weather is here. Time to buck up and deal with it. Head down, plow forward and count the days until our cruise and after that, focus on spring arriving. Of course, sprinkling the intervening months with events, dinners and outings will help make the time pass more quickly and interestingly. Lots of projects around the house with the new sunroom getting under way and insulating the garage.

Looks like Erin, Mike and the girls will be going to Michigan to be with Gerry, Kay and Bertie for Thanksgiving. Since we're opting out of Christmas I don't feel we can say anything much about it. And the real reason is for Bertie who doesn't feel up to traveling out here and Erin is doing the right thing by seeing her grandma as often as possible since the opportunities are dwindling.

But I need to talk with Johnnie and decide what we want to do for Thanksgiving ourselves.

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