Sunday, November 9, 2014

Things I've discovered

Part of the reason I wanted to do this isolation vaccine study was to learn more about myself and how I'd handle the isolation part. Although I didn't have any qualms about being in isolation, I wanted to see how it would be and what I would do. Actually it has gone by really quickly and it's now Sunday, half way through the study for this first 12 days.

Yesterday I found myself a bit bored and at odd ends. Got tired of reading, didn't want to watch TV, muscles were sore so I didn't want to exercise, played solitaire until I was tired of that, loaded a free Scrabble and got quickly annoyed with the constant ad popups. Tried to sleep but wasn't able to. It only lasted a couple hours but still felt strange that I couldn't hit upon an interesting activity.

Today has a completely different vibe. Changed the bed, cleaned the bathroom a little, did my hair, emptied the trash, just little things but it just feels more energetic in my room as well as up and down the hallway. In changing the bed, I discovered that what I thought was a mattress protector was actually a knit bottom sheet. Didn't look like that at all. So I asked for a bottom sheet and got exactly the same thing today. But I hadn't had a top sheet so now I'm really spiffy with both a top and bottom. Had been using the thin bedspread as a top sheet these past few days. Worked OK but now everything will be nice and crisp tonight.

When I was researching a press release on Thursday for Mike Krause, I stumbled upon a reference to Pete DeMarco from MBA school. He's a consultant now in leadership. That's funny enough but in looking at his website and team, he has Leslie Marx our stats professor working for him. That must make his pecker proud. I can just see the smirk he would have about that. Such an ego the guy has. Really still looks like an ass. And I'm sure he is.

My immediate thought was to friend Linda Boutwell on Facebook and share what I found with her for a giggle. So I went to her page on Facebook and read a little. Almost right away, I got the old Linda vibe and decided not to friend her and reopen that can of worms. Her entry in response to this picture that she posted:

was "I can't learn and grow as a person if I am not honest about what worked and what didn't and about what part I played in the f-ing mess. Sad but true.  Blehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh."

It was weird, I just felt exactly like I used to feel when we were friends and she was such a downer all the time. Her posts said to me that she hasn't really changed at all. She says the words but the associated behavior isn't there. And I don't need that negativity around me. So I stifled my urge and will just keep the Pete stuff to myself.

Here in the isolation chamber, I've been able to be relatively alone and enjoy the quiet around me. I've kept my radio/CD/TV down low so I don't bother anyone. So glad I took a room at the end of the hall so I only have one person adjoining my room. I think his name is Dennis. His television (abuts my wall) is on at a constant low drone of talking from morning to late night. Dunno if he's watching it or just has it on for the white noise. It mostly doesn't bother me except when I'm trying to get to sleep. Glad I brought the ear plugs.

Dennis also has an interesting/annoying habit of very loud yawn/groans every few minutes. Either that or he's pleasuring himself frequently or just hugely bored. I'm thinking the latter.

I asked for a newspaper today so I think I'll go read it.

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