Monday, March 30, 2009

Happy Birthday, Babe

Her maiden name was Bernadette Zawacki. We were the closest of friends in high school even though we went to different schools. Her family had moved to a house directly across the street from us in Dearborn Heights, Michigan as she went into her senior year so she was given permission to continue going to Fordson while I went to Riverside. Her family nickname was Babe and probably still is, for all I know. Her song was Van Morrison's Brown Eyed Girl and it still brings back those times whenever I hear it.

We came as close to hell raising as I've ever been ~ going to New York City together by ourselves the summer after graduation at 18 and 17 (my August birthday always made me the youngest in the class). Meeting up with young men on work/study programs at Ford and dating them although they were much older than us. And much more, probably tame compared to today's hell raising standards.

Babe got pregnant at 19 and married Bob Snook (or Shook,, I can't remember), the child's father, probably at her father and mother's demand, being first generation Polish and it being 1969 where liberal was a word we read in the papers but couldn't consider applying to our families or lives. I was in her wedding and seriously dating Erin's dad. Although Babe, Bob and newborn David lived very close, I saw her less and less. We had little in common at that point ~ she was staying home with a newborn and I wasn't empathetic. I'm sure at some point there was a falling out but I don't remember it now at all.

I've tried Classmates and various other searches to find her but to no avail. Her parents don't live there any longer and my mom moved from the neighborhood in 1975. So all I seem to hit are dead ends. If you have any suggestions for other ways to try to find her, I'd love to hear them.
It's beyond a long shot that she ~ or anyone who knows her ~ might read this blog entry but it's worth a try.

I miss Babe. I would love to make contact, to see how her life from 19 to 59 went. How David has grown, did she have other children, what she did for a career, is she still married to Bob or divorced, what about her parents and sisters. All the stuff of life that happens, as it happens while you're making other plans.

So happy birthday Babe. I hope it's been a great life for you and I hope you have a wonderful birthday today. Can you believe you're 59? Where the heck did all that time go?




Liz said...

Have you tried Facebook? Everyone is on Facebook!!!

Employee No. 3699 said...

I would say try Facebook too. Try looking for mutual friends you had back then who might be able to help you. Also, does the high school she went to have a reunion comittee that might have her information?

I hope you find her.