Sunday, March 29, 2009

Turning a Corner

Our bathroom remodeling hit a new phase today. We went from demolition to construction. Whoo hooo! Eventually I'll post pictures but this is a big step. We took down the last of the ceiling, pulled up the last of the subflooring and began framing in the ceiling area where the new wall and door will be.

Working with Johnnie on projects is nice because, while I don't have the physical strength to do some of the tasks (not to mention the experience or construction knowledge), I am not just relegated to holding tools or snagging the discarded piece of plywood as it falls away from the saw. And, with my thumbs still recuperating from the inflammation, that weakens my hands so I'm a bit limited in what I can and cannot do as well. I get to do stuff. I put in all the subflooring screws among other things. I know, it probably doesn't sound like much but it was fun to actually contribute in a tangible way to the overall project.

I am also spending a great amount of time cleaning up sawdust and reorganizing tools so (a) we can find things when we need them (the royal we - mostly Johnnie is the one needing them) and (2) getting tools, scrap wood and whatever else out of the room or at least out of the way so we're not tripping over junk we don't need. Space to work is at a premium while we're working on this so moving crap out of the way is important. Johnnie tends to just walk over/around whatever is in his way rather than actually MOVE it so that it's not a trip hazard or plain inconvenient.

But it's nice that we're finally done with de-construction and can now commence on the construction phases. Deadlines are looming ~ Annie the painter returns on April 27th and the carpet needs to be down by then. Before the carpet goes down, the tile goes down and the bathroom needs to be finished. Hence the good feelings of getting into putting things up rather than tearing them down.

Pictures eventually!

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Erin said...

It's been really nice to be able to help Mike with our bathroom project, too. He's been very nice about letting me do things instead of just being the chief cook and bottle washer. Which is awesome.

Case in point: the bathroom light? I installed it. AND the heat register? I installed it. WOO!