Monday, March 9, 2009

A new tool for every project

One of Johnnie's favorite teasing lines to me is, "You can never have enough clamps." Seriously. He must have three or four dozen clamps of various sizes lined up in the basement for his projects. They definitely come in handy in all their permutations but holy cow.

With every project, it seems that we (using the royal we here, definitely not me) need at least one new tool. Moving dry wall sheets? Let's get a handle gizzie for moving the dry wall. (Those are actually quite handy and make it easier for one person to move an 8 x 4 sheet of dry wall or plywood by themselves so I can see the utility of them.)

We were at Home Depot (also known as Mecca or Nirvana) on Saturday and darned if we didn't come home with a new Ryobi trim saw kit. It's a lightweight saw for cutting door trim and other smaller lighter wood pieces and I have to admit that it's pretty nifty. I know he doesn't have this exact type of saw but he has multiple saws of varying sizes for projects. I didn't realize we needed this one for the bathroom renovation project. Apparently we do.

I'm sure there's a feminine equivalent to purchasing new tools for every project but I don't necessarily practice that. Maybe it's buying a new dress for a special occasion. I dunno.

Johnnie came home with his Ryobi and I bought a fragrant pink hyacinth that has been making the house smell wonderfully like spring. That's tool enough for me, at least for now.


Employee No. 3699 said...

I bought some kind of compound miter saw for my husband quite a few years ago and went crazy trying to figure out which one to get. Now I know how men must feel shopping at Victoria's Secret. Since then he picks out his own toys...I mean tools.

Kate (aka k8) said...

Oh, there's an equivalent, all right.