Saturday, June 27, 2009

Crazy week

I am not altogether certain where the last seven days have gone but the calendar convinces me that they are indeed history.
  • Our friend Bridget and I walked 4+ miles three days. We met up with Johnnie on one of his last days of enforced time at the bus garage (children were already out of school) and walked with him.
  • Took off .8 of a pound ~ not much but at least it's in the right direction.
  • Planted a bunch of new plants.
  • Chopped down a smallish tree and started hacking away at too-large lilac bushes in an effort to get more sunlight on the front gardens. Somehow escaped getting poison ivy, to which I am very allergic, that I was standing in for a while.
  • Watched it rain and rain and rain (repeat for 24+ hours) last weekend.
  • Celebrated Father's Day for Johnnie and Mike with a seafood dinner last Saturday night.
  • Had Erin, Mike and the girls over for dinner and Mike helped get the new double sink base and top upstairs.
  • Stayed with the little girls while Erin had an almost 24 hour stay in the hospital for as yet undiagnosed problems, probably due to her Celia attack last weekend. She says the bread was delicious but definitely not worth a week's illness.
  • Decided I didn't like the color we had chosen for the bathroom and found something lighter in the same color family.
  • Spilled red wine on the grrrrrrrrrrrr
  • Cancelled our transatlantic cruise because of the expense (sob) and scheduled a (much more inexpensive) trip to California to see daughter Holly and son-in-law Mike.
  • Set up a combined birthday celebration for John's brother Ferd and me for late August.
  • Reserved a romantic one-night get-away for Johnnie and me for our anniversary.
So those are the highlights in bullets. Not much of anything momentous but here we are at the imminent arrival of July. Where the heck have the first six months of this year gone?'s by you?

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