Friday, June 12, 2009

I spy...

I was reading Carmen's post showing where she blogs from and I thought I'd post my creative spot too. Unlike Carmen, mine stays in place permanently. I took the picture here on a particularly un-messy day. Usually there are piles on each wing of the desk so I feel as though I'm in a paper cave. I became inspired with the migration of the bedroom nightstands back into our bedroom and took the opportunity to clean up my desk. I also have just finished up several real-live work projects so all that stuff is now not strewn from one end of my desk to the other.

Johnnie has a mirror-image area and our backs are to each other. I'm the luckiest (according to me) because I have the windows I can look out. The only problem with the one to the left of my screen is the sunshine and glare in the afternoon. Usually the shade on this window is pulled down at least partially all afternoons so I can see the screen and not make the wrinkles in my forehead and around my eyes any more prominent than they are already by squinting all the time.

Wow. It really still looks pretty messy, doesn't it? But I know where everything is at most any time. I almost always have a mug of coffee and a glass of iced tea with me. There are chicken treats for the dogs and the pictures taped to the bottom of the screen are my inspiration (?) for getting svelte. Above the screen and to the left is an Ott light that is my source of sunshine and light, especially in the winter, my MBA diploma (gallons of blood, sweat and tears later), my bulletin board that mostly sports pictures and cards, a calendar and a white board for tracking whatever projects I should be doing from day to day.

Anyway, this is where I camp out when I'm working and quite a bunch when I'm just goofing off. If you see something in the picture above and wonder about it, just ask me and I'll explain. I'm big on having inspirational messages and pictures around, even though they become part of the wallpaper and I'm not sure if I really **see** them much any more.

How about your blogging and computer spot? Let's see it!


Employee No. 3699 said...

Lucky you. My laptop sits on the kitchen table. All. Of. The. Time. I only move it if company is coming over. And by 'move' I mean move it over.

Kate said...

Hey - we have the same desk drawers!