Friday, June 19, 2009

See? It really is all about me

Courtney tagged me for this post. I have to disclose seven personality traits about myself and then I must pass this award onto seven* other blogs that deserve such fine recognition for the personalities that they share with the blogging world.

*I don't know seven other bloggers well enough (without tagging Courtney and Erin again) to do this so I'll just put down a couple at the end and hope they'll play along.

1) I don't like waiting. When I'm ready to go, I'm ready to go and hate waiting what seems like an interminable time to actually get going (yes, Johnnie, I'm looking at you). I'm the girl and it usually takes me three times as long to get ready as it does you. So when I am ready, you should have planned accordingly and be ready too.

2) I'm fairly impatient, probably as a corollary to waiting. I'm accused (gently, by my husband) of tailgating and he's probably right. I've tried to improve at that. I don't like walking behind aimless or poky people at the grocery store or in the mall - y'know, those people who get inside the door and then stop dead in their tracks two feet inside to look around as though they've never been there before or take off their sunglasses at a snail's pace.

3) I'm less uptight and more carefree about things than I used to be. That's a great side benefit of getting older. I'd like to think I have more perspective about things and can pick and choose my battles (or what gets my undies in a wad) more judiciously. And sometimes I just don't care if I am making a fool of myself in public or being goofy. Much more satisfying way to live, according to me.

4) I have a great mind for numbers and dates. As long as I don't have to perform mathematical functions with them. Ed Green, from third grade at Pardee Elementary School a thousand years ago, his birthday is April 19th. I have a list of about 60 or so people to whom we send birthday and anniversary cards each year. They marvel that I can remember. Oddly, I do remember most of their dates but have them written down so I don't mess up.

5) I bend over backwards trying to be considerate of other people -- strangers as well as family and friends. I stopped a guy driving down the road a couple weeks ago because his lunch (in a Tupperware container and sandwich bag) were perched precariously on the tool box in the bed of his pickup. I stopped a pickup hauling a trailer to tell them their lights were out on the trailer (I didn't mention that I almost rear-ended the @#$% trailer as a result). I hold doors open for people -- men are usually uncomfortable with that, especially older men. Sometimes I find things I can do for Johnnie, Erin or Mike that are thoughtful and maybe a little surprising.

6) I'm stubborn on some things. I won't go across the street to apologize to our neighbors for the issue we had with them two years ago (a story for another post, maybe), even though according to the firemen, we were wrong. I won't knowingly drive anywhere without my license even though Johnnie insists I'd have 24 hours to present my license and avoid a ticket. Even when my sister and I weren't talking for several years, I continued to send her birthday, anniversary and Christmas cards so I didn't come down to her level.

7) I'm fairly independent. I like being by myself and can entertain myself easily with books, television, sleeping or projects for days.

** Here's a bonus. I get bored easily. If I spend too much time at the computer without something actually compelling or work-oriented to do, I become lethargic and very bored.

So, that's a pretty good synopsis by personality traits of who I am. I hope there aren't a lot of surprises but if so, let me know!

As to tags, I'm going to tag Liz, Ree and Linda. Please?

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Employee No. 3699 said...

I'm laughing my butt off because every single one of those describes me. My husband tells me all the time that I don't have any patience...I tell him I don't need any because I'm not a doctor. (patients...kind of loses the humor when I explain it, oh well).

I don't know if I'll play along or not because people would think I was plagarizing you; that and I have my grandkids all weekend...and the next weekend...and my daughter's dog, so I don't know how much blogging I'll be able to do.

Have a fantastic weekend!!