Sunday, August 15, 2010


Since I have been carrying my cute Vera Bradley purse, I have been inducted into a select society of Women Who Carry Purses Worth Complimenting. In all my purse-carrying years, I have never been complimented on a purse before. That gives you some idea of the boring kinds of purses I usually carry. But I have had women in check out lines, at restaurants, in bathrooms and in church come up and tell me how cute my purse is. It has been a surprise each time. But I like it. Each time I feel compelled, for some reason, to explain that it's my first cutesy purse and I'm not really a cutesy purse kind of person. The ladies all nod politely but I know they don't really care and, truthfully, shouldn't care anyway. All this new-found purse attention will cease when I return to a boring (but new) leather purse in the fall.

I love my little purse but it occurred to me early on that I had to be really careful of where I plopped it (something I've never been concerned about before - what can you do to a brown/black leather purse by putting it on the floor?) so it didn't get dirty. Also, in grabbing it, I've been deliberate in grabbing the handles rather than grasping it by the fabric top so I didn't get any spots on it from whatever might have been on my hands. So far it still looks great and hasn't accumulated any coffee stains or anything - quite a miracle for me!

We went to the closest outlet mall today and on the way back I was lamenting to johnnie that I couldn't find the aroma thingies (a diffuser I guess). And, in talking through it, I thought of a couple more places to look for the box. Guess what? I found it! On top of the buffet cabinet in the dining room, underneath a couple baskets that I stash up there and use for bread or rolls when we have company. Yeay! Now if I could only find those pills...

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Courtney said...

I get compliments every. single. time. I leave the house with one of my cutesy bags. And I love it! Even when I look like the wrath of purse looks good. And just in case you do drop it in coffee or something? You can wash it!!! They wash beautifully!