Sunday, August 1, 2010


To say the least, my last post was a bit bleak and despairing. Since then, we've effectively stopped drinking. We had a glass of wine at our anniversary dinner and another at a party last Friday night but other than that, our drinks of choice are water, lemonade, coffee and iced tea. Most of the time I don't have any longing for wine. And the memories of how I felt almost a month ago are still vividly with me. I've stopped beating myself up constantly but my determination to make this work -- the wine drinking and weight loss -- is as strong as ever.

In that time, I've lost 10 pounds and Johnnie has taken off about 15. The first 10 and 15 of about 40 for both of us. Awesome. We've been reading more, going for some bike rides, going to bed late then sleeping in and generally just relaxing. It feels great.

I'm at peace and that feels wonderful.

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