Thursday, October 7, 2010

A new season, a new blow up

"You're probably gonna think I'm weird," Johnnie remarked to me last Sunday.
"Yeah?" I responded, curious.
"Yeah, I really want to get a Halloween thing for the front yard."
I had a private little smile and then said, "Works for me. As long as it's not scary."
Erin and Mike aren't big on Halloween to begin with, particularly the more occult aspects of it. Neither are we, actually. So we tend to err on the side of happy things like smiling pumpkins rather than witches, goblins and spooky things.

We both were at our computers so we started looking for the right kind of inflatable for our yard. Two years ago John fell in love with an inflatable turkey that we put up in November for Thanksgiving. Then he found an inflatable Nativity scene that he has been putting up in December for Christmas. Now we're moving out a month earlier for Halloween and he put up the new inflatable (it arrived yesterday afternoon) last night.

Well, yes they're ghosts but they're really happy ghosts and they're frolicking with the Boo letters. So we think they're pretty fun and not of the spooky variety.

Here they are at night with the smiling Great Pumpkin and the pumpkin lights around the front door.

The Great Pumpkin slips upstairs (unbeknownst to either of us) some time early in September and then is forced to wait until October 1st before he's allowed to go outside. Santa Claus has problems with patience as well, often creeping up the stairs in November and then waiting until after Thanksgiving before he's allowed to officially begin the Christmas season.

My contribution to our Halloween decorations is the little tree on the mailbox stand. Emily helped me decorate it last week.
So we have a case of creeping holidays and the inflatables to accompany them at our house. I fully expect that in the coming year we'll find something inflatable to grace the lawn for Easter. Luckily, there don't seem to be a lot of inflatable for summertime holidays. At least I hope not!

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Employee No. 3699 said...

Hey there, I haven't been here in ages...sorry about that.

I love the ghosts and how you decorated the little tree. I'll unfortunately miss Halloween this year...and the leftover candy!