Thursday, November 3, 2011

Memorable signs and pictures

We took the family to the Ringling Brothers Barnum & Bailey circus on Saturday evening. It was Lucy's and Emily's first time at the circus. It was a blast and much more fun watching the little girls eyes widen in amazement throughout the event than even watching it ourselves. My only discontent was the outrageous prices of things (cotton candy - $12, programs - $9, twirly things - $22, lanyards - $14). Since it was the first time and the tickets cost the same as the cotton candy (seriously - is that whacked or what?), I caved in and got them cotton candy and the twirly things as souvenirs.

Anyway, it was an awesome night.

Emily with cotton candy in her mouth. She pounded the whole bag herself!

And finally ... I have been trying to get a picture of this local company's truck and the greatest coincidence happened today: I had the camera on the seat next to me and we were stuck in road construction so I got a GREAT picture!

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