Friday, November 11, 2011

What have they done to Kellie?

Johnnie and I have thought that Kellie Pickler's year (2005) on American Idol was one of the best - but maybe that's because we watched the whole season. Now the show has lost its fascination and there are so many other (better?) things to watch, like Castle, The Good Wife and Modern Family. We tend to record whatever we want to watch and get to it a couple nights later. With the American Idol-format or Biggest Loser type shows, if you fall behind, you're kind of sunk and eventually it's just not worth it to wade back through weeks worth of shows to catch up.

But I digress.

Anyway, we always thought Kellie was just plain fun with her naivete and unabashed youthfulness. Once the season was over, the changes in Kellie began. Probably it all started with the gangbuster boob job (you can hardly miss them in most of her pictures these days). But compare the pictures below and help me figure out what "they" have done to Kellie and why.

Just as a point of reference, she was 19 when she was on American Idol and she's 25 now.

It almost doesn't look like the same girl. The lower picture was taken at the Country Music Awards Wednesday evening (November 9, 2011) -- about 10 years worth of hard living and certainly not attractive (according to me). She sure doesn't look 25. So much cuter in the top picture, even though I think this one is relatively recent too.

Go back to your natural beauty, Kellie. You'll look hard like this naturally soon enough!

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