Thursday, February 10, 2011

The curse of early adopter-ing

We (my then-husband and I) had one of the first microwave ovens and an automatic ice maker in our refrig in the early 70s.
I had an Osborne (cpm-operating system) portable computer (if you called 30+ pounds portable) in the mid-80s.
John bought a Saturn in 1991, the first year they were made.
John's had a cell phone since 1990 when the brick phone was the only thing available.
John bought Google TV as it was announced. Ditto with Roku.
We bought a Prius in 2005 -- yeah, we were kinda late on that one.

In addition, there is all manner of electronics that we have acquired before they really became popular such as digital cameras, the Kindle, electronic picture frames, HDTV, BlueTooth/handsfree attachments for driving and talking -- pretty much, if you name it, we probably had it earlier than most people. It's just what we seem to do.

It's no big deal, I guess and there's really no main point to this post, I just realized. Early adopting of technology just seems to come naturally to both of us. Anyway, I mention it because John, who gets up at 4:45 am every weekday morning for work, set the alarm on February 3rd so he could get up at 2:30 am and order his Verizon iPhone 4 at the earliest possible moment, 3 am. He wanted to be the earliest of early adopters on that one. He didn't hear the alarm so I urged him to awaken and then went back to sleep immediately. He was considerately very quiet, bless him.

His middle of the night excursion turned out positively, because he received his iPhone on Monday the 7th, three full days before they were available in stores. He's very tickled to have it. Me? Seriously, I couldn't care any less about having one. I'm happy with my two-function phone and don't even want his now abandoned iTouch. I can't figure what I would do with it.

When Holly and Mike were here for Christmas over Thanksgiving, she had an iPad and I was quite taken with it. Maybe if I can find a compelling reason someday, I'd get one of those. But in the meantime, I'll just stay comfortably in the middle of the pack on this one.

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