Tuesday, February 1, 2011

I think I can, I think I can...

Just like the Little Engine That Could, I'm hoping I can. 

John and I did a half marathon -- walking -- in January 2006 for the Leukemia Foundation Team In Training. Mostly, I wanted the training they'd give us and was hoping for amazing weight loss. The training WAS awesome. The weight loss didn't exactly happen but that's not the training's fault. But I felt very empowered and much like an athlete as we trained and for quite a while afterwards. We subsequently did another half marathon on our own with Bridget and Erin in 2009. No hoopla at the finish line -- heck, there was no finish line -- but we did it, just the same.
Johnnie (r) and me (l) at the Phoenix PF Chang Rock N Roll Marathon, January 15, 2006
While my/our athletic activity level has been somewhat uneven since then -- we did a 12-week boot camp in the spring of 2006 but not a lot since then except walking with Bridget for 3-5 miles lots of early mornings -- I still (sometimes) feel like an athlete and really want to do more athletically. I've awakened to this whole exercise and athleticism thing really late in my life but I'm not ready to give up yet. I'm not competitive with anyone except myself in these things -- I'm just not young enough and speedy enough to consider it.

Anyway, our local Fleet Feet franchise is sponsoring a 12-week training for people who have never run or need to learn how to run, culminating in a 5K on May 1st. I've had trouble running in the past (tried to while we were training for the first half marathon in 2006) but my knees start acting up, there are bursitis shots involved and it's not a lot of fun. Add that to the continuing plantar fasciitis issues and my advancing age (shush) and, well, I don't look like a great candidate for running a 5K. Ever.

But, sniff, sniff, I wanna. I really wanna. During our 2006 training, I remember breaking away from Johnnie one day as we were walking and running ahead for a couple minutes. I think I felt the elusive runner's high that all runners talk about -- the euphoria of being apart from yourself, feeling free and completely exhilarated. Even though it didn't last very long, I crave that feeling at least once more.

So. I am going to sign up for the 12-week 5K training and see how it goes. They promise lots of coaching and mentoring for the newbies and I'll need plenty of it. I was encouraged at the information session last night that there were several other people who looked to be in my same age group who were interested in trying this too. Misery loves company, right? John is concerned about how my knees will react and, truthfully, I'm not sure either. In any case, I can always walk the 5K but I really want to give running one last try with the proper coaching and training.

I'll never know unless I give this a concerted try and, frankly, if I don't try soon, I'll definitely be too old to start.

Wish me luck -- I'll keep you posted!

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Employee No. 3699 said...

Go for it! You won't know if you can do it unless you try.