Tuesday, February 15, 2011


I met Erin, Lucy and Emily yesterday at our local Applebee's for a quick Valentine's Day lunch together. As we were getting ready to leave, I noticed a woman standing at a table near the windows, aiming her cell phone camera at the barren tree just outside the window.

Puzzled, I followed her line of sight and saw birds in the tree. Not just any birds. Robins! The robins are back! Yes, we'll still have many more weeks of crappy cold and white fluffy stuff coming down but the robins have faith that the weather will get better. If they believe, I'll believe.

Here's photographic proof that they are really back. I drove past this Applebee's again today and saw two or three plump robins on the ground so it wasn't just a fluke that we saw them yesterday. You have to kinda squint to actually see the red breast but the shape is distinctively robin.

Seeing the robins made my whole day yesterday. Valentine's Day was wonderful all by itself but seeing the robins just made it all that much better.

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