Thursday, January 8, 2009

Good things

Despite a spate of really crappy winter weather and granddaughter (Captain) Emily (Featherstone's) eye injury yesterday that pulled me into its maelstrom of concern and unexpected schedule rearrangements for both Erin and me, Wednesday was a great day.

We got a call late in the afternoon from Paul at Birds Unlimited. This is where we had taken Coconut, the blue and gold Macaw in early December to either (a) live out his extremely long life or (b) find a new home. One of the workers at the store has adopted Coconut and has taken him home. They also did a DNA test on Coconut and determined that HE is a HE! We always figured the bird was a female.

I talked with Michelle, Coconut's new mom and it was clear during our conversation that she is far more into birds than I am/we are and Coconut will do great. Michelle has another bird, a Moluccan Cockatoo, and the two birds are getting along well together. She keeps Coconut out of his cage most of the time and even takes him into the shower with her. He's talking and behaving himself so that shows he is adapting well to his new surroundings.

I'm happy that Coconut and Bogart have now found excellent bird-loving, attentive homes for the long haul. It makes Johnnie and me both feel much more at peace with our decisions to pursue getting rid of the birds.

Juniper, our six month old chocolate lab puppy is going for her spaying this morning. I had been going to ask if I could observe the operation (really should have been a doctor or vet myself) but never remembered to call. Guess that will have to go on my bucket list.

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Karen said...

What happened to Emily's eye? Erin omitted that part.

Glad both birds are doing well!