Tuesday, May 26, 2009


After an exceptionally pleasant Memorial Day weekend, I have decided that I hate chainsaws in the hands of suburban weekend warriors with a grudge against his property's trees and lilac bushes. I spent the better parts of the weekend outside happily planting annuals in planters that surround our deck, replacing some perennials which have croaked over the past year or so and pulling out dead weeds that I had previously used Round Up to kill.

The absolute only fly in the ointment was our neighbor across the street. He's a great person but he decided that this was the weekend to trim trees and (finally) trim the beautiful lilac bush at the corner of their property. With a chainsaw. Most of the branches must have been fairly small in diameter because he spent three to four hours EACH DAY cutting things up with a chainsaw. BUZZZZZZ silence BUZZZZZZ silence BUZZZZZZ silence repeat incessantly for three hours minimum. Each time was a 10 second burst of high decibel whine followed by short periods of quiet as he moved to the next branch.

I kept imagining if a person (or a baby) was napping, how completely unrestful it would be to hear that. Or even if you were sitting quietly with a nice frosty beverage and reading a good book. Concentration would be difficult. Me? I asked Johnnie's help to turn on the outside deck speakers and drowned out the noise as best as possible with music.

I really hope he's done because I sure am.

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Employee No. 3699 said...

See, now I feel bad. I power washed last weekend and it was pretty loud. Though it was only for about three hours.