Thursday, May 28, 2009

Signs of our times

There are many many times in a day, week or month that we need to leave ourselves or each other reminder signs to do something or NOT to do something (like feed the dogs because the other has already done it). We leave ourselves voice mail messages. We put reminders on our electronic calendars. We write notes and post them in obvious spots on the back door, in the car or on the hood over the stove. Interesting to me that all of mine seem to have smiley faces on them.

Translations from the top: Drambuie, Message on recorder, Dogs are fed, Order nuts, Please feed dogs no pills, Chemicalize tub (the hot tub).

My favorite ones are the use-and-reuse sticky notes we keep in the cupboard nearest the garage door. The spellings are deliberately goofy. We tend to do that on grocery lists too. Dog food is often spelled as fog dood or fawg deud or something equally as silly. There have been times when Johnnie spells something so far off in left field that I have trouble figuring out what it is. We used to have a stack of these notes written on scrap paper and held together with a binder clip. We'd just search through the pack for the correct one and then stick it on a cupboard with a piece of tape. We've slimmed down most of these (getting rid of the birds definitely helped as they were the source of many notes) and now we have just a few that seem to need repetition and notification.

I'm sure there are more efficient ways of handling these types of couple communications and reminders but this works just fine for us, especially since I bought a pack of those really really sticky Post It notes. They are the cat's pyjamas.


Lil Mouse said...

white board and markers. nuff said

Employee No. 3699 said...

That's funny that you deliberately mispell words and can't figure them out sometimes.

Erin said...

This cracks me up because on Saturday, I needed to leave Mike a note and then spent 5 minutes thinking about where I should leave it so that he would be guaranteed to see it. We just don't leave each other that many notes. If we have something to say to each other, we usually email it. And I've been known to email him while he's sitting next to me on the couch.