Monday, May 25, 2009

In praise of Bermuda

Shorts, I mean. I carry all my excess weight between my tummy and my knees. And, at my age, no one really is interested in my wearing shorter shorts. Seriously. Therefore, wearing skimpy shorts has never been my thing. Always working to camouflage that area. The last few years have been really challenging since shorts were short. Thank you, fashion designers, for introducing the longer length Bermuda shorts back into the discount retail market!

We work hard to never shop at WalMart but there are some things you just can't find anywhere else. In the winter months, Wegmans doesn't carry Sweet N Low in anything but little pink packets. (I even checked TOPS, another store we don't shop at much.) We buy it in six ounce (or thereabouts) bags because we use it a lot in iced tea. WallyWorld carries it in the six ounce boxes. I bought eight boxes on my last visit.

Also, no retailer around here carries Chipotle Tabasco at all. I have gone to the lengths of ordering a case of it from the Web just so we could have it. On my last trip to WallyWorld to get sweetner, I discovered they carry Chipotle Tabasco. So I bought six bottles.

As I was hauling our stash to the checkout, I saw a rack of nice looking Bermuda cargo shorts. For 12 bucks. And they had my size. I bought a pair and have worn them quite a bit. They don't shrink in the wash either. So we're going back there today so I can get another pair in another color before they're sold out.

While I dislike WallyWorld pretty intensely because of their reputedly unfair practices with their vendors (the company I used to work at regarded WW as real ball busters because they were always cutting the manufacturer's margin to virtually nothing) and possibly with their workers, there are some things that we reluctantly must visit there to get. At least until other stores come to their senses and keep what we need in stock year round.

The shorts? Very nice. Thank you fashion designers and those who take their trends and bring them down to affordable price points.

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Employee No. 3699 said...

Short shorts? This is why I've been wearing capris for the last few summers.

I haven't been to WalMart in ages and hope to be able to keep it that way.