Saturday, May 23, 2009

Stuff and nonsense

First, let me apologize for not posting more. I am co-chair of a 5K run/walk that comes up in October and I'm frantically working to get sponsors so we meet our funding goals. For this particular project I have been procrastinating and it caught up with me. Procrastination isn't really a big trait with me but apparently I really don't want to make those calls to get people to give us big bucks to support the race and the charity (ending domestic violence and dating violence). So I have had to buckle down this past week and get current with my responsibilities. Bummer, huh? Ah well, it's worth it and I'm just a big whiner. Oh yeah, and I've had actual paying work to do too, which is fine news. I'm back to juggling many things and that's good because I'm much more effective and productive when I am busy. Go figure.

I entered a random drawing on Ree's blog, hotfessional, and won! I received a LOVELY pair of Nicole Lorentz earrings in the mail this week. They are so cool. Please zip over to Ree's blog and give her some comment love. She's an amazing lady. Thank you for the earrings, Ree. They are awesome!

Conversations with Emily
Driving home from preschool last Tuesday, we passed a rural church with a cemetery. A graveside service was in session.
Emily: what are all those people doing there?
Me, searching for an age-appropriate explanation: Uh, they're praying for someone who has passed away.
Emily: No they're not.
Me: No?
Emily: No, they're worshiping God. That's what we do at our church.
Me, much chastened by the wisdom of this little girl: You're right, that's exactly what they're doing.

Few minutes later, we pass our Presbyterian church (we go to two churches some weeks - the Presbyterian church and the Catholic church so we give equal time) and the parking lot had bunches of cars in it.
Emily: That's your church!
Me: Yes, you're right it is.
Emily: Why are all those people there?
Me, trying to tie back to our earlier conversation: I don't know. Maybe they're worshiping God.
Emily: No, maybe they're having a doll tea party*. That's what they do at your church.
Me, feeling properly put in my place: Um yeah, but we also worship God there.
Emily, decisively: I think it's a doll tea party.

*We had a doll tea party a couple weeks ago at church as a fundraiser for the same domestic violence charity for which I'm co-chairing the 5K. Erin and I took Emily to it.
The tea party was adorable and about 100 ladies, little girls and dolls were there on the Saturday of Mother's Day weekend. One of Erin's MOMS club friends (and fellow blogger) Liz and her daughter Madison came to the tea party as well which I thought was really great. In the picture above, Emily is getting ready to stand up on the altar steps where the narrator was telling everyone about her doll, what it was wearing and where it came from (that's a very proud me in the picture with Emily. She wouldn't go up to the altar by herself). Truthfully I had my doubts about the viability of this as a fundraiser but they made about $1,500 and raffled off a number of really nice doll-related items - handmade doll clothes, doll furniture and antique dolls.

This particular doll is one that my mom bought for Erin when she was about 12 (well past the doll years) and it never was destroyed. So I washed its clothes and gave it to Erin a couple months ago to keep for the girls so when they're past the disrobing-every-doll phase, they have a pretty one to play with. Emily was enchanted with the doll and named her Jane for the tea party.

Hope everyone has a great Memorial Day!

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