Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Random Thoughts Tuesday

  • Last week, Emily came to our house for lunch as usual before she went swimming at 1pm on Tuesday. To save time, I changed her into her bathing suit here rather than at the recreation center. We packed her backpack and off we went. After swimming as she was getting changed, I realized that we didn't have her underpants with us. I figured they were in the car but as it turned out, I had left them behind entirely. Poor Emily was really unhappy about having to put her pants on without underwear. She was quite worried about her "girl parts" hanging out. I assured her that she was fully covered and we made it home without a problem. She was quite relieved to shuck her pants and get her underpants back on before taking her nap. Her first time going commando ~ I'm sure for a looooong time to come.
  • Johnnie is a school bus driver and one of his kids is sort of a nemesis to him, often acts out on the bus and yet quite a nice boy. Very bright. Yesterday, it was warm on the bus and Johnnie had taken off his baseball cap (he almost always wears a hat because he's had multiple pre-cancerous spots burned off his almost bald pate) and it was hanging on the shifter. Jerry (not the boy's real name) looked at him as he came up to get off the bus and said, "You're going bald!" Johnnie said, "Really? Wow - that must have happened since this morning!" A great sense of humor is essential if you are folliclely (the spelling of that looks really wrong) challenged.
  • One of Johnnie's bus kids left a Mother's Day card on the bus last Friday and it had no name on it and no one claimed it Monday or today. He brought it home to show me the contemporary sentiment. The verse:
Happy Mother's Day
Consoles are red
Handhelds are blue
I love video games and
I love you
  • Dear Canal Path bike rider:
It is the town's desire that we share the six to ten foot wide Erie Canal path and as walkers, we'll do our part and not take up too much room. However, when you come up behind us and scare the bejeesus out of people (OK, Bridget and me) because you are in stealth mode and don't announce that you're there, we tend to be a bit pissed. So when we give you the helpful hint to say "on your left" as you come up, please try to remember it. Sorry if we yell at you. Just because you can see us doesn't mean that we can see or hear you. So far, the Good Lord has not graced either Bridget or me with eyes in the back of our heads. And the slight crunching noises of the gravel as you approach are often masked by birds and other ambient noises. Just let us know you're there, for goodness sake. We're not fond of adrenaline rushes that early in the morning. Thanks, the walkers.
  • Erin and Mike made the trip to Dover yesterday in a total of 13 hours and arrived home with the new car. It looks great and Mike is thrilled. Yeay!


Julie@Momspective said...

I'm from Syracuse, NY and I was just talking about the Canal this morning with my parents!

Heather said...

Awww, you have such cute little girls. Had to laugh at the commando story...I'm sure she won't let you forget next time! Loved your letter to the path bike riders...and if they don't start letting you know they're there, then I at least hope you get those eyes in the back of your head. :)

LceeL said...

Glad the new car is nice. I know they had to go a long way to get it. I've been reading Erin for a long time - easily over a year - and I've been reading you for months (although not always commenting) - it's only recently that I realized that Erin and you are related. Duh.

Employee No. 3699 said...

My granddaughter is the opposite, she prefers to go commando.

And I'm surprised you don't have eyes in the back of your head...don't all mothers?